Must agree prior to booking.


  • Due to such high demand at this time for bookings, we are changing our policies a little bit temporarily. We are starting our setups in the evenings at 8pm. When you are booking a sign please make arrangements for the person receiving the greeting to not be around the yard anytime after 8pm the night before. Please note just because we are starting at 8pm this does not mean we will for sure be in your yard at that time. We have several bookings a night. 

  • If you are booking a greeting for someone else and they live elsewhere, PLEASE make sure someone in the home is aware that we will be in their yard the night before. This is for our safety. 

  • We are also changing our 48hr rentals at the moment. If you are wanting to book a 48hr at this time we can not guarantee it. If we are able to honor 48hrs we will let you know but at this time we are trying to just keep it to 24hrs due to high volume of bookings. 

Our customers are very important to us and we want you to be completely satisfied with our service! 

  1. We respectfully reserve the right to decline a delivery that we feel is outside of our service area.
  2. Please do not remove or relocate any of our signs. If you need your display taken down early, please give us a call and we will gladly pick up the inventory early.
  3. Missing or damaged lawn display items will be charged to the credit card on file for the appropriate amount - which, in most cases, is $7 per piece.
  4. We will place a small sign in the yard with our company name, phone number and web address. This sign is unobtrusive and is used as a marketing tool for our business. Please do not move or hide it.
  5. Please do not let children play on or around the display, or pull on any of the signs.  Signed By The Yard and it’s representatives will not be responsible or liable for any injury, caused to any person, while our materials are rented and in yours or your recipient’s yard.
  6. We will not, under any circumstances, put up “mean” or offensive displays.  
  7. If the recipient calls us and wants to know who ordered the display, we will tell them unless you give us specific instructions not to. We will also take down the display immediately if they request us to do so.
  8. Please arrange to mow and trim your grass BEFORE our set up. Mowers  and weed eaters can ruin the signs. If you have a long term rental,  please use extreme caution when cutting around the sign(s). We really  appreciate you taking care of our signs so others can soon enjoy  them too!
  9. Please do not attach balloons to the signs as they can pop and melt on the signs, causing damage.

Refund Policy

We understand that things happen! We will gladly reschedule or reimburse you 100%, as long as cancellation is made, within 48 hours of delivery. In the event of inclement weather, we may not be able to set up your display. If this occurs, we will promptly refund the full rental price. Inclement weather includes lightning, thunderstorms, heavy snow,  ice (severe frozen yard), high wind and any other Act of God that would put us or our display in danger. Please know that it must be severe weather for us to miss a delivery. *Normal rain will never be the cause of a cancellation, and the wind must be severe enough to impact the stability of our signs. The following bullets outline instances that cannot be refunded:  

  • Incorrect delivery address.  *Please confirm your order when you receive your confirmation.
  • Recipient declines the delivery
  • Community Gate Access not granted.  *Please let the community guard know the date we will be arriving, or provide us with the gate access code.
  • Partial refunds will be made if grounds are in rough conditions and we are absolutely unable to stake your sign. Please be sure to water and mow your yard to prevent this from happening. We will do our best to contact you in the event of this happening but do keep in mind for the most part we work in the middle of the night. (If there is a hose accessible I do try to water the ground myself if I can, but please help me by doing so before I get there as I have multiple setups to do and that takes a lot of time.)

We strive to make your experience a great one! We want to hear from you and all of your friends! By placing an order/booking with Signed By The Yard, you agree to all policies stated above. 

Privacy Policy

Signed By The Yard respects your privacy. We do not sell our clients’  personal information to third parties.